Whenever I get all stressed out, all I need to do to calm down is to look at Sofiya’s pictures πŸ™‚ She is just so adorable and not to mention very very cheeky too πŸ˜‰

We went for our third ultrasound scan last Saturday and we were thrilled to se our little Peanut jumping around and waving at us!

I was kinda expecting to see the little bean jumping as I have been reading a lot about pregnancy but Mr Frankie was very very surprised to see Peanut shaking his/her bon bon (obviously Mr Frankie has not been reading the pregnancy book that we bought. Hmmph!)

Anyway we were delighted to know that our Peanut is healthy and he is now about 6.8 cm. We also saw his beautiful spine and his heart was beating strongly. I have yet to feel his movement but the doctor said it won’t be long before I could feel him kicking. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

However, I have been told that my BP is quite high 133/88 and it is a bit of a concern to me as I know that high BP could lead to pre-eclampsia. The doctor have asked me to rest and relax and try not to get all worked up. I told my doctor that work can get pretty stressful (esp with a boss like mine!). She said I need to learn to calm down and just take things in stride.

*sighs* I guess I really do not have a choice but to calm down and learn how to relax.

Any tips people?

And I learn that morning sickness doesn’t only happen during day time. It also happens during night/very early in the morning too. I have been waking up at 3 a.m. the last week just to eat. Good thing that we have 24 hours McDonalds just around the corner. Mr Frankie was there at 3 a.m. in his ‘kain pelikat’ (sarong) getting me McD’s breakfast *grins*

I also learn that emotional threat works like a charm.

Told Mr Frankie that if he refuses to buy me food, I’ll turn this baby into an Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea fan (thanks to Diyana for this tip ;)). Hahahahahaha!

Mr Frankie now do whatever it takes to make sure that this baby is a Man U fan. I was once asked to sit down with Mr Frankie to watch a 2-hour Man U Greatest Moment on DVD. Hmmph!

Anyway I’d like to say thank you to those who wrote/e-mail to me on pregnancy tips and also to all well wishes. I really appreciate it very much *hugs*

By the by, now that we know that Peanut is already jumping and waving and kicking, Mr Frankie is scared to ummm…do the horizontal lambada fearing that Peanut would have a shock of his life if he sees his daddy’s umm…birdie. I told Mr Frankie that Peanut is oblivious to that but that doesn’t seems to convince him. I am to call the doctor today to confirm that it’s ok to rompy romp.


Have a good week people.

And I look H.U.G.E! And I’m only (almost) 3 months along! And look at my boobies. I’ve changed size twice is 3 months.
And my nose seems to expand too!
I just have to lay off the Tropicana and no more ‘nasik lemak’ for me.
And remember when I said that my morning sick has subsided? Well guess what? The last couple of days, it became worse. I vomit almost every morning. Brushing my teeth is almost impossible let alone gargling. I’m super super tired all the time. By the time I get home from work I have just enough energy to shower and have a bite and I’ll be snoring by 9 p.m. And I even cried watching when Pamela and Vanessa scooping the elephants poo poo in The Amazing Race Asia (?!)
Anyway we started buying some baby stuffs. I know it’s way too early but we just couldn’t resist! We got Mr Frankie his diaper bag. He refuses to carry any floral type of diaper bag (sheesh) so we bought this ‘macho’ diaper bag at Maison de Bebe in Bangsar Village (after we stuffed our face with roti canai at Mahbub heheheh). Maison de Bebe was having a sale and I was also looking for the Bumbo seat which comes only in pink. Well I’m not a big pink fan so we’ll try and find it somewhere else.
We saw some strollers too at MC The Curve and we found one that we like though we’d like to compare the price first before we buy it. And this week we’ll be hunting for a baby doppler (thanks Eintanz I’ll go and have a look at Babyland in Summit).
On another note, work sucks. No, work’s ok but my boss sucks. I was on MC last week because I had high fever and flu and cough you name it I got it. My boss was really angry that I had 2 days MC that he told me ” Next time if you want to take your MC tell me at least 2 days in advance!”
Can you please tell me how stupid can a Senior Manager be? I mean really?
Well I better get going. Meeting in an hour.


Does anyone know where I can (preferably) buy or rent a Doppler? Been looking around but can’t seems to find one.
And I’m also on a look out for a good OB/GYN. Any suggestions?
I’m 10 weeks 3 days along today πŸ™‚ the morning sickness is till there but not as bad as when I was in my 6th week. Can’t wait for my next ultrasound appointment next week πŸ™‚
I have been meaning to leave comments whenever I blog surf but I am so just lazy bum bum. My bad especially those who left comments on my blog. Sorry. Promise to get around dropping comments soonest possible.
I have started showing (a little). Most of my clothes are getting a little snug around the waist and Mr Frankie said that my mid-sec looks rounder than usual (being chubby, my mid-sec is always round heheheheh!) Though we know that the baby is not able to hear us yet, Mr Frankie and I talk to Peanut all the time πŸ™‚
So far I’ve lost 8 lbs! But I guess I’ll gain more than that anytime soon as my appetite is getting way way better. Wasn’t able to eat any rice at all the last 6 weeks. The morning sickness is supposed to go away very soon as the placenta is fully formed in the next couple of weeks.
Cravings? I don’t think so though I have to say that I ‘need’ to eat ‘Tropicana’ ice cream (that green ice cream with vanilla fillings in the middle) everyday. I know it’s empty calories and it’s not good for me but if I don’t eat one, I’ll get really restless. Sent Mr Frankie to 7-11 a couple of times to get Tropicana, so now he makes sure the freezer is always full of Tropicana πŸ™‚ (bless Mr Frankie)
And just like any new-parents-to-be we have our concerns esp financial concern but I believe that things will go well. We have become extra careful with money now. We plan to set up a bank account the moment Peanut is born. Then there’s insurance. College funds.
Oh my….
Well I can’t wait for Chinese New Year holiday. Told Mr Frankie that I must go to Raju’s for some masala tosai πŸ˜‰
To all bloggers who are celebrating CNY, Happy Chinese New Year. Be safe on the road.

H0rny Bunny

Ever since I got pregnant, I find myself ummm……quite ‘in the mood’ most of the time.

I mean, Mr Frankie is scared of getting undress in front of me now. And he won’t let me jump in the shower with him no more.

He even ask me to ‘go slow’!


And I get ‘very in the mood’ in the morning when I wake up. There was even an occasion where I woke Mr Frankie up at 3 a.m. for some good loving.

I never do that before. At times I caught myself thinking of what I’ll do to Mr Frankie once we get home!

What is the matter with me? Is this normal??

I’m one h0rny bunny! Hahahahahah

Peanut :)

Hola! Oh my the last couple of weeks have been crazyyyyyyy! This baby of ours has pretty much turned our world upside down inside out up and down and round and round, and he’s not even born yet! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I have loads to post but for now I’m just going to let you have a peek at our Peanut, our baby πŸ™‚ Well we call him Peanut because he looks like one.

My weekend is pretty much spent doing absolutely nothing because I have zero energy to do anything at all. Thanks to Mr Frankie who seems to be doing all the chores around the house, including making me cheese sandwiches and hot Milo, which are the only things that I manage to hold down. He even did all the laundry, the vacuuming, the ironing, the everything. Love you D *kiss kiss*

I better get going. With Diyana not around, there is nothing much that I can do to amuse myself. I at times find myself making jokes to my chair and table and laughing out loud.

Crazy hormones make you do crazy things.


Heath Ledger Dead

This is sad. He is a pretty good actor.
January 22, 2008 —
Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger was found naked and dead in his SoHo apartment yesterday after he apparently overdosed on anti-anxiety pills.

The 28-year-old star’s ex-fiancΓ©e, actress Michelle Williams, was flying to New York from Sweden with their 2-year-old daughter Matilda, her father said. Larry Williams told the Daily Telegraph in Australia. “My heart goes out to everyone, his family, my family, we are just very saddened. The saddest thing is his daughter who he just loved dearly.”

While some sources said Ledger was depressed, the actor’s father, Kim, later released a statement declaring his son’s death “accidental.”

One cop at the scene said it did not appear to be suicide, but police were still investigating, and an autopsy is scheduled for today.

Ledger was found by his maid and the masseuse with whom he had a scheduled 3 p.m. appointment at his $23,000-a-month, three-bedroom loft at 421 Broome St. When the two women entered his bedroom at about 3:20 p.m., Ledger was nude, lying face down and unresponsive, police sources said.

Pills were strewn around the bed, and there was a bottle next by the actor’s body, police sources said. The maid and therapist called 911 at about 3:26 p.m. Emergency workers were unable to revive the star, and he was pronounced dead at 3:35 p.m.

Bottles of the generic forms of Xanax and Valium, both anti-anxiety drugs prescribed in his name, were found in the house, according to law-enforcement sources. The sleeping drug Ambien was also found near his body, sources said. The maid said she last heard the star snoring around noon.

“We are investigating the possibility of an overdose,” NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.
“There were pills within the vicinity of the bed.”

One police source said “it does not appear to be a suicide.” Ledger, a native of Perth, Australia, had lived in Brooklyn with Williams and Matilda, but the couple split last year. He has since been romantically linked to a slew of women, from Aussie supermodel Gemma Ward to Long Island bad girl Lindsay Lohan.